About Basel Time Watches

Basel Time was formed by timepiece connoisseurs with a passion for quality and value. It’s easy to identify the watch you want to start, or add to your collection, but purchasing a pre-owned watch with confidence that it is authentic, in excellent condition, at both a fair purchase price and can be resold or traded with a fair value can be difficult. That’s why we’re here. Every watch in our inventory has been carefully selected and inspected by our staff of experienced watch-makers as well as Basel Time’s co-founders.

For over 25 years Coy Bentley has been crafting his skills as a jeweler and watchmaker. Learning from his father, a master jewelry designer, Coy became a successful and knowledgeable watch-maker and designer. As the CEO and President of Saint Petersburg’s Gold and Diamond Center, Coy is the first name that comes to mind for thousands of locals when it comes to watch & jewelry acquisition or restoration.

Coy’s business partner and Basel Time co-founder is Darin Kucera. Prior to becoming an investor, Darin’s background in Commercial Real Estate and Art exposed him to many luxury lifestyle items. At a young age, he developed a deep appreciation for a fine time piece and was frustrated with the options available for non-industry buyers. As a loyal customer, turned long-time friend of Coy, Darin shares in the passion for making luxury time pieces available to like-minded people.

Together, Coy and Darin will provide clients of Basel Time with the personalized service and expertise needed to acquire the special watch on your wish list. We invite you to browse our website, and if you don’t see the timepiece you’re searching for, contact us to make arrangements for securing exactly what you want.